• Targeted Massage Treatment Plans that will Alleviate Your Muscular Pain, Stiffness, & Tension or It’s Free!

    Have You Been Sidelined By Life, Unable to participate in the Activities & Hobbies You Enjoy and Value Most Because  You’re  Struggling with…..

    A new or old injury ?

    Limited or loss of range of motion & flexibility ?

    Muscular  pain, stiffness, & Tension?

    Back or Neck Pain?

     Physically or mentally stressed ?

    Do you want your active lifestyle back?

    I, Kim Fernandes, can help you. I am willing to Guarantee, that my treatment plan for you, will be effective, providing you with the necessary therapeutic results, that you both want & need. Your  muscular pain, stiffness, and tension  along with your mental & physical stress will be alleviated.  Returning You, to your active lifestyle and the things you value the most!

    The Hall of Fame

    I have been successful in treating the following muscular & connective tissue dysfunctions:

    • Frozen Shoulder

    • Chronic Muscular Tension

    • Postural Deviations

    • Decreased Range of Motion

    • Pain & Movement Restrictions Caused From Chronic Injuries

    • Golfers Elbow & Tennis Elbow

    • Headaches

    • Physical and Mental Stress

    • Plantar Fasciitis

    A Natural Remedy for You

    The focus of therapeutic massage is on working on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues in the body to:

    •  Brake- down fibrotic tissue- (the cause of your movement restrictions/postural deviations)

    •  Eliminate trigger points- ( that may be  caused by your over exertion in physical activities, poor posture, or old or new injury)

    •  Alleviate muscular pain, tension, & stiffness – (that keeps you from doing the things you enjoy most)

    • Accelerate the healing of an injury- (so, that you may return to your active life style)

    • Alleviate physical & mental stress- ( so, you may enjoy a long & peaceful healthy life and be more effective and productive in your personal and work life)

    • Restore range of motion & increase flexibility- ( to prevent injuries, improve your agility & physical performance, to restore you to your active lifestyle )

    Tools of the Trade

    I combine several therapeutic techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and facilitated stretching into my treatment plans, to achieve optimal results in restoring proper function to the affected musculature and surrounding connective tissues.

     Come one Come All

    Individuals that benefit from my Therapeutic Massage Services:

    Athletes- professional & amateur:

    Sports leagues, high school sports teams, golfers, tennis players, bowlers, swimmers, runners, cyclists, weekend warriors, kayakers, dancers, ice skaters, hockey players, basketball players, volleyball players, lacrosse players, soccer players, baseball players

    Workers in physically demanding occupations:

    Landscapers, lawn maintenance workers, construction workers, town department workers, mechanics, chambermaids, carpenters, UPS workers, Fed EX workers, postal workers, truck drivers

    Workers in high stress occupations:

    Lawyers, doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, managers, teachers, coaches, business owners, business executives, financial advisors, accountants, office workers, computer technicians


    Individuals that have been in an auto accident, individuals struggling with old injuries, individuals that want to prevent the occurrence of injuries, individuals recovering from surgery individuals that want to maintain a healthy & flexible muscular system which leads to an active and prosperous life!


     ” There’s  No Reason Not to Call Me- No Results, No Charge!”

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